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Aarchon is a uniquely themed MUD, primarily set in a fantasy realm while also embracing some modern themes. There are a total of 16 classes to choose from, and over 60 races (19 of which are available at the time of creation). Aarchon boasts over 85 unique zones offering nearly 10,000 rooms to explore. Throughout the world you will find thousands of items to gather and mobs to fight. Quests are scattered amongst the land, rewarding those who explore with an enriched gameplay experience. Come climb your way to the top of the leaderboards, earn achievements, buy tattoos, fight in warfares, join a clan, craft armor, brew potions, participate in quests, and much more in Aarchon!

Recent News

Sender Vodur
Date Fri Jun 9 17:10:07 2017
Subject Server migration 6/10/2017
Hi all,
We will be doing a server migration tomorrow afternoon. The MUD will be shut
down for approoximately 30 mins to 1 hour as we make the migration.

This will take place at approximately 3PM PST tomorrow (6/10/2017).

The main motivation for this migration is to move to a server with better
performance which should reduce some of the lag spikes we experience.

Please note that the IP address will change to


Sender Bobble
Date Sun Jun 4 19:40:29 2017
Subject Skill mastery tweaks
Hi all,

We've made a couple of tweaks to the mechanics of
* destancing / maintaining stance
* disarming
* combat maneuver
which now interact with skill mastery a little differently. Also, stances and
songs are gained earlier with mastery, and a bunch of new skill masteries have
been added, for skills that use combat maneuvers ({ghelp combat maneuver{x).

See {ghelp skill mastery{x for details on those tweaks. You might also note
that {ghelp mastery bonus{x has lost a few lines, for skills where the bonuses
are simply part of a more general mechanic.

Overall those tweaks should make mastery in affected skills more meaningful,
as they are no longer negated by the presence/absence of your opponent's
skill mastery. Some of these skills had their mastery cost increased.

Cheers, Bobble

Latest Changes

Time (Y-M-d) Author Description
2017-06-08BobbleAdded CH:behead(victim) lua function.
2017-06-08BobbleCheck gloves for hit-trigger when unarmed.
2017-06-08BobbleBrightness level affects hide in dark rooms.
2017-06-05BobbleMastered stances and songs are gained earlier.
2017-06-05BobbleMastery affects combat maneuvers, new masteries added.
2017-06-05BobbleDestance/disarm have base resist, reworked mastery bonuses.
2017-05-30Bobbleadded quest/tattoo refund commands
2017-05-30BobbleLimit stacking of stop effects to 2 rounds.
2017-05-30BobbleWail-induced iron maiden lasts 1 tick.
2017-05-29BobbleEnabled auto-unlock for objects.

Use the 'changelog' command in-game to review the entire archive.


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